Trained in Microsoft Flow

Easy to use, with hundreds of external data connectors, Flow is the canvas used to define the bot Skills for AtBot. If you can create a flowchart, you can program your bot to do thousands of things!

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Loaded into Teams

Microsoft Teams is the primary place for interacting with AtBot. The Skills you create in Flow can be run in either private chat with AtBot or in a Team channel with your colleagues.

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Managed in the Admin Portal

The AtBot Admin Portal unlocks the full potential of the platform. Skill organization, permission management, custom bots and many more features available when you upgrade to AtBot Premium.

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The Power of the Platform
AtBot Premium

With a Premium subscription, AtBot becomes the one bot platform your organization needs to quickly integrate conversational UI and AI into your daily workloads.

Skill Management

Easily manage the Skills created in Flow using Categories that you create in the AtBot Admin Portal.

Permissions Management

Manage permissions at the Category level to control what Skills users can run.

Custom Bots

Create custom branded bots powered by the AtBot engine. Whether it’s a central organization-branded bot, or a collection of help bots branded as each department, custom bots can do it.

Integrated with QnA Maker

AtBot and QnA Maker can make frequently asked questions and IT knowledge bases a thing of the past. Simply ask your bot, and get an answer.


Discover Kits for Workloads

From HR to IT, bot workloads will vary widely. With Kits, we try to give you some ideas as to how AtBot can fit into your day-to-day processes


AtBot Pricing

All pricing is in US dollars. Volume discounts as well as public sector and non-profit pricing upon request. Try asking AtBot for a price estimate

  • Free
  • Get started with AtBot in Teams with a conversational assistant that has built in knowledge of Teams.
  • Free
  • Free Teams training knowledge base. Ask me about Teams best practices and how-tos!
  • 3 personal Skills per user*
  • 6 shared Skills per tenant*
  • Get AtBot for Teams

*Where limited, AtBot will load in Skills based on last modified. For more information see restrictions

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